Teenage Wasteland.

Hello, campers! Megan, 14, here from England. Wholigan, Led Head, Queenie, Durannie, Spandette, etc. I'm also a bass player and proud. Famous for my old keitha-moonita blog. Follow me, I follow back.
I wish I was a drummer…sure I’d play…but I’d love to kick the set over if I was p’d off at anyone for not letting me have my own way
(and alone time with Enty of course because I’m a crazy fan girl). #KeithMoon #TheWho #MoonTheLoon #KeithMoonieTheLoonie
#AlexTurner #ArcticMonkeys

North By Northwest in neon.
What I think sexy means. Simon Le Fucking Bon.
Oh my gawd…that is just so sweet. My ovaries!
Oh Keith, did you pull out all the stops just for ME?! Red is my fave colour! Here, allow me to take it off you.
Ohhhh Enty…I just spazzed #johnentwistle #thewho